Aero Space

Aerospace industry is going through challenges which are multi faceted which includes the rise in the operating costs, reduction in the revenue per person in passenger segment. Stiff competition among great players has made the focus mainly on innovation and cost effectiveness.

Dezpro plays the role of a key element in the aerospace outsourcing spaceĀ  to reduce development costs, improve operating efficiency, boost innovativeness and speed up development with cost-competitiveness.

Our domain expertise in the aerospace & aviation industry includes concept, design and analysis for a wide range of aircrafts.

CAD Capabilites
Airframe structures and frames (ribs, spars)
Study of alternate designs and value engineering on existing designs
Scanning and reverse engineering
Joints & Fittings
Structural design and validation
Seats, Interiors and door
Components, Subassemblies and mechanisms
Composite modeling Mechanism design
Parametric Part modeling and CAD customization
Jigs & Fixture design
Manufacturing and engineering drawing generation
Electrical routing and retention aids

CAE capabilities
Aero Engine components (Compressors, fans and turbines, casing)
Sheet metal forming simulation
Structural Analysis of aircraft structures (ribs, spars)
CFD, Thermal and Flow simulation
Buckling analysis of components
Non-linear analysis (crash, contact, impact)
Seismic and wind load analysis
Rigid and Flexible body dynamics simulations