Industrial & Farm Equipments

Industrial Machinery is unique in every aspect from an engineering standpoint. While industrial machinery looks simple to construct, the design and variables involved are anything but simple. Industrial machinery comprises a wide gamut of applications - from very simple to extremely intricate applications, and therefore it is a huge challenge to design for perfection. The application can range from Special Purpose Machines, Production Equipment, Earth Moving Machinery, Printing / Packaging Machinery, Industrial Goods and Equipments, Mechanisms, Automation and Robotics, Jigs and Special Fixtures, and so on. DEzpro has been working on all the above mentioned and many more areas encompassing this complex domain. Our association with leading engineering organizations while helping them with implementation of latest CAD / CAM / CAE tools helped us picks valuable domain knowledge and develops understanding required to service our customers.

Industrial Machinery CAD Capabilities
Turnkey conceptualization and design of various machines
Generation of variants from existing design and new designs based on existing platforms
Design and development of various mechanisms
Localization of designs as per new markets and geographies. E.g. converting design initially done e.g. for Europe to Indian context using locally available material and standard parts
Design automation for repetitive design work by providing customer applications
Conversion of legacy paper / 2D data to parametric 3D models
Creating of customer specific part libraries for data reuse and standardization
Interactive 3D Technical Documentation for internal and customer use for installation, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting for the equipments

Industrial Machinery CAE Capabilities
Analysis of various mechanism, multi-body dynamics simulation
Weight reduction and optimization studies of components frames etc.
Vibration, thermal and cooling system analysis for sensitive parts and electronics
CFD and thermal flow simulation
Validation of loading conditions for equipment like mining, boring and other abusive use
Calculations for equipment like pressure vessels, heat exchangers etc. to comply with codes and standards
Establishing code compliance for equipment as per standards required
Seismic, wind, fluid structure interactions for large frames
All Finite element analysis studies including Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Buckling, Transient, Modal, Vibration, Kinematics etc.